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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Putin Honours Troops in Bucha Massacre of Unarmed Ukrainian Civilians

MOSCOW - Russia - President Vladimir Putin has praised the troops and commander who committed unspeakable genocidal atrocities on unarmed civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

Russian Delusional Denials Reminiscent of Iraq’s Baghdad Bob

BUCHA - Ukraine - Despite mounting evidence of genocidal atrocities committed by the Russian invaders they still deny everything.

After Tony Blair Knighthood Queen to Posthumously Knight Pol Pot

LONDON - England - After the knighthood of Tony Blair, the Queen has been prompted to posthumously knight Cambodian genocidal murderer Pol Pot.

Why China is Not Punished For Uighur Genocide and Forced Organ...

XINJIANG - China - Despite knowing full well of the genocide and brutal torture practices, as well as forced organ transplants, many Western companies profit from China.

CHINA: “It’s Only ‘Fake News’ if We Do Not Like It”

XINJIANG - China - The silence is deafening as the West sits back and watches the systematic genocide of millions of Uighur people, as the Chinese proclaim it 'fake news'.

Angry Lammy to Visit Auschwitz to See What Real Nazis Were

LONDON - England - Angry Lammy, MP for Tottenham, has been told to visit Auschwitz, Poland to see the atrocities committed by real Nazis, and not British MPs who disagree with is views on Brexit who he mislabelled.

Thanks to Facebook Live Streaming – New Zealand Massacre All Over...

CHRISTCHURCH - New Zealand - Thanks to social networks like Facebook, livestreaming massacres spread far and wide across the internet.

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