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The People of Gaza Deserve Better Than Hamas Dictatorship

GAZA - Until the evil dictatorship over the people of Gaza is lifted, the destructive cycle will continue ad infinitum.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. This is the definition of Hamas, who have not only forced their Jihadist indoctrination on the people of Gaza but have caused them destitution, harm and death. If peace is to come to the Middle East region barbaric savage groups like Hamas need to be the ones eradicated.

There cannot be any justification for beheading babies and burning people alive in their cars, or the other atrocities perpetrated by Hamas.

Anyone who defends Hamas is either indoctrinated or misguided, and the socialist left-wing who virtue signal their support for Hamas are enabling genocide. The Palestinian people, if they want to get out of the mire, must find another route or forever be stuck in the rubble and sewage of Hamas.

It is impossible to negotiate with people who want to erase your very existence.

The people of Gaza have been fooled by Hamas, they have been tricked by the Iranian regime’s evil influence, and they must find a leader who does not subscribe to extremist Shiite Jihadist insanity.

Until that day comes, they will have rubble for buildings and rat infested streets of dirt. The final and first reason for all of this is of course religion.

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