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UKRAINE WAR: Russians Enjoy Bombing Children’s Hospitals

KYIV - Ukraine - Russians enjoy bombing children's hospitals, for them, it is normal practice, and they have no qualms about committing horrific genocidal atrocities.

To the Russians, when it comes to war, everything is fair game. They especially have a penchant for bombing hospitals, women, children, babies, whatever, the Russkies love to murder in cold blood. It is just the Russian way. Russians enjoy bombing children’s hospitals so much they cheer into their vodka glasses with joy. The recent horrific bombing in Ukraine where the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital was deliberately targeted is an example of the brutal, psychotic actions that make up the Russian military forces, likely ordered by Putin himself. The same happened of course when Putin was helping out his fellow dictator mate Assad in Syria, where hospital bombings were a common occurrence. There is no indignity the Russians will not stoop to when it comes to getting what they want.

Where’s NATO?

However, are the Russians totally to blame here? It is in their engrained nature to commit horrific genocidal atrocities, the question is why does Ukraine not have an adequate missile defence system up and running? It looks like NATO have been dragging their feet in helping the Ukrainians with air defence systems, and are bogged down by European apathy towards the Ukraine war.

While Joe Biden does not know what is going on, or where he is at the moment, one could say the USA is currently out of the picture as well as Europe. Hopefully, one day NATO and its members realise that Ukraine really needs some proper, serious assistance or the hordes of Russian orcs really will envelop the entire country. Once Ukraine goes, the rest of Europe is next.

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