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Putin Honours Troops in Bucha Massacre of Unarmed Ukrainian Civilians

MOSCOW - Russia - President Vladimir Putin has praised the troops and commander who committed unspeakable genocidal atrocities on unarmed civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

After Tony Blair Knighthood Queen to Posthumously Knight Pol Pot

LONDON - England - After the knighthood of Tony Blair, the Queen has been prompted to posthumously knight Cambodian genocidal murderer Pol Pot.

Putin’s Mercenaries ‘Wagner Group’ Committing Atrocities in Syria and Libya

DEIR EZ-ZOR - Syria - The war in this embattled country may be ignored by the West, but should the atrocities committed by the Wagner Group be forgotten?

Things Must Be Going Well – Tony Blair is in Despair

LONDON - England - According to reports, Tony Blair, is rather miserable these days. If this is the case, it means the world is doing okay and moving in the right direction.

The Evil of Tony Blair Never Falters

PARIS - France - Former British PM, Tony Blair, has been speaking to the French about thwarting Brexit.

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