Putin’s Mercenaries ‘Wagner Group’ Committing Atrocities in Syria and Libya

DEIR EZ-ZOR - Syria - The war in this embattled country may be ignored by the West, but should the atrocities committed by the Wagner Group be forgotten?

wagner group
Russian paramilitary members of the Wagner Group celebrate after conducting their atrocities

Syria, is a forgotten war that no one even mentions any more, yet it is at this very moment a place where Russian and Assad backed forces are committing terrible atrocities to the blind West, who have abandoned millions of people to their terrible fate. The neighbouring Arab states, are just as cowardly in their silence of what goes on, and do not dare land a foot on Syrian soil.

A Brief Snapshot of Brutality

A video showing the brutal torture and murder of a Syrian man accused of desertion from Assad’s army, Muhammad Abdullah al-Ismail, by Russian mercenaries, the Wagner Group, who are tied to the Kremlin, is too brutal to even describe in this article.

There is not one ounce of humanity in the nihilistic performance by members of the Wagner Group, a sadistic display of these mercenaries laughing and joking as they carry out their sordid cowardly crime.

Naturally, the Kremlin has denied any knowledge of the torture and dismemberment but some brave Russian media members have identified the killers as Stanislav Yevgenyevich Dychko, a former policeman from Southern Russia, as well as Vladimir B., Dzhakhongyr M. (“Pamir”), Ruslan (“Chichi”) and Vladislav Apostol, who was killed in Syria in February 2018.

This footage is obviously a brief snapshot of the multiple war crimes being committed in Syria and Libya by the Russian paramilitary company owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a catering magnate often referred to as “Putin’s Chef” or “Putin’s Butcher” due to his close links to President Vladimir Putin.

The victim, Muhammad Abdullah al-Ismail, was forcibly conscripted into the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who has no qualms in using chemical weapons on civilians, and bombing hospitals thanks to his Russian friends.

The nihilistic brutality of Russian soldiers and operatives is not a surprise, they do not adhere to any code, and are known to especially enjoy killing children for fun.

In future conflicts, conventional war with the likes of the Russians and Chinese will only be solved by superior weaponry to completely eliminate the threat they pose. In all circumstances, they must be totally eviscerated and removed from the planet, if it is to ever survive.

To the credit of some members of the Russian media, the Novaya Gazeta newspaper sent the material from its investigation into the killing to the office of the Prosecutor General of Russia, as well as the Investigative Committee of Russia, however no criminal cases were opened as a result. No surprises there either.