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Why CASB Software Can Help Your Business’s Digital Transformation

LONDON - England - Integration for your business operations to move online can be made a lot easier with CASB software solutions.

More businesses are now looking for the easiest ways to move their services and their operations online. From developing their storefronts to storing their data online, digital transformation is beginning to become paramount for businesses to keep up with the changing business landscape. If you are struggling to speed up the process of digital transformation, CASB software can help to make your move online as smooth as possible.

Adoption of Cloud Services

A large part of most businesses’ digital transformation is their adoption of cloud services to share their files, store data easily, and to operate their storefront. Not only this, but cloud services enable you to host your website and resources remotely, rather than having to manage your IT internally with a specialist team. There are many advantages to using the cloud within your business, and these include allowing you greater scalability in the event of business growth, an increase in efficiency through easier access to the documents that you need, and a low cost compared with other online services.

Security Issues with the Cloud

However, although your adoption of the cloud is a vital part of digital integration, there are still many issues with the cloud, including gaps in their security measures in terms of the ability to access data and hackers focusing on breaching the cloud. In fact, 52% of businesses have experienced cloud security breaches.

Some businesses may also fail to put the right security measures onto their files, meaning that they might be accessed by unapproved parties or on unauthorised devices. This is because the quick uptake of many cloud apps is leaving providers unable to implement the security measures that are needed to meet the high demand.

Reluctance to Adopt the Cloud

These issues can make businesses reluctant to adopt the cloud during digital integration, which can leave them unable to compete with other businesses and can slow the process and completion of digital integration over a more extended period.

In many cases, if businesses are concerned about security measures or have been the victims of a breach, they will discontinue their digital transformation. Not only this but when they do decide to start digitally integrating their business, a lack of security measures can lead to breaches of important information and a loss of trust and finances in terms of their customers.

How CASB Software Can Aid Digital Transformation

However, CASB software can help your businesses’ digital transformation by reducing the risk of this tech integration on your business and its data, meaning that you can put more trust into the digitisation process. If you want to find the right CASB for your business, Proofpoint provides a range of advanced threat protection, information protection, and digital risk protection for your business.

CASB closes the security gap within your business by enabling you to highlight and manage risks within a single platform, allowing you to encrypt the most sensitive of your files, and enabling you to assess the risk through its data collection. It can also allow you to strengthen your data policies.

Although some business leaders may believe that cloud adoption reduces the visibility of your businesses’ data through its remote storage, CASB can reverse this by making the security of your procedures to be visible at all times, allowing you to make changes and improvements when there is a risk to your business.

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