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The Evil of Tony Blair Never Falters

PARIS - France - Former British PM, Tony Blair, has been speaking to the French about thwarting Brexit.

Here is a man who did not bat an eyelid when he invaded Iraq and oversaw the extermination of millions of people. His actions created a vacuum in the Middle East that is still raging on in Syria. For profit, Tony Blair murdered over a million humans in Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet he still shows his face today.

Blair is the face of pure evil, a festering blackness that is now trying to infect the Brexit proceedings, and his efforts to turn people against Brexit will only make them more resilient.

No! There will not be a second Referendum, Mr. Blair. You may consult with the enemy, you may dip your treasonous fingers in the murky waters of the EU Commission, however, your efforts will ultimately fail, as you have failed in life, your only salvation is a living death.

There will be no deliverance for Tony Blair, in this physical world or the one that follows. He may hide in his myriad of mansions paid for from the blood and tears of many, but he still will never find peace, or redemption for the evil he has sown in this world.

Let us pray for the dark soul that is Tony Blair, that it be thrown from this earth, and consigned to the deepest depths of darkness forever, to be forgotten and never repeated by another living person.

For this horrid, mangy excuse of humanity, Blair will never stop Brexit, as much as he will try with his other evil friends, like Peter Mandelson. There is no turning back the clock, the people voted on June 23, 2016, to leave the EU, and whatever happens now, we will leave the EU and forge our own destiny on the high seas.

No one wants to listen to Tony Blair anymore.

Tony Blair’s Iraq legacy

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