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After Tony Blair Knighthood Queen to Posthumously Knight Pol Pot

LONDON - England - After the knighthood of Tony Blair, the Queen has been prompted to posthumously knight Cambodian genocidal murderer Pol Pot.

Tony Blair: “Don’t Look at Me, I’ve Got Nothing to Do...

LONDON - England - Whilst parliament reconvenes today to discuss the horror of Afghanistan, Tony Blair, the former Labour leader, is silent.

UK Could Be Attacked by Tony Blair’s Mullet in Less Than...

LONDON - England - The UK could be attacked by Tony Blair's mullet in less than 45 minutes a new government dossier has revealed.

Things Must Be Going Well – Tony Blair is in Despair

LONDON - England - According to reports, Tony Blair, is rather miserable these days. If this is the case, it means the world is doing okay and moving in the right direction.

Tony Blair and European Union Behind Final Phase to Shut Down...

LONDON - England - The evil anti-democratic forces of the EU and Blairite Europhile establishment are in the midst of attacking Brexit and democracy to completely halt it.

Exploring the Wonderful Eastern European Music Imports to the UK

LONDON - England - With the massive influx of Eastern Europeans and Russians into the UK since 1997, the whole of the country seems to have changed culturally and musically.

Britain to Hold EU Referendum Every Year Indefinitely

LONDON - England - Theresa May and prominent Remainers have agreed to hold an In/Out EU Referendum every year.

How Much is EU Paying Tony Blair to Destroy Brexit?

LONDON - England - Tony Blair's campaign to destroy Brexit is orchestrated and possibly financed by the EU.

The Evil of Tony Blair Never Falters

PARIS - France - Former British PM, Tony Blair, has been speaking to the French about thwarting Brexit.

Labour Open Door Policy Responsible For Manchester Carnage

MANCHESTER - England - Under Labour's regime, over 3 million migrants entered Britain, increasing threats of terrorism and crime.

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