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Tony Blair: “UK Could Have Second EU Referendum in 45 Minutes”

LONDON - England - History repeats itself, as former PM, Tony Blair comes out with another outrageous claim.

Blair Driven From Central London Mansion to Chilcot Inquiry in 45...

LONDON - England - Tony Blair was today driven to the venue of the Chilcot Inquiry in approximately 45 minutes.

Whitewash Chilcot Inquiry a Disgrace to Justice and Law

LONDON - England - The much awaited Chilcot Inquiry is a disgrace to the justice and law system, and an abhorrent document that puts blatant war criminals above the law.

Remain Campaign Comments on Northern Ireland Are the Height of Irresponsibility

LONDON - England - The incendiary irresponsible comments regarding Northern Ireland by former Prime Ministers, John Major and Tony Blair are refuted and debunked by Vote Leave.

Tony Blair: 45 Minutes to Iraq Attack Planned Years Before

LONDON - England - A new document released confirms what some people knew all along, the Iraq war was an engineered event planned years in advance.

Why Any Particular Political Party in Government is a Form of...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - If one defines extremism it is simply "the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism" and this definition can easily be applied to any political party in government today.

Tony Blair Volunteers to Take In 580 Refugees

KENSINGTON - England - Former prime minister, Tony Blair has volunteered to take over five hundred refugees from war torn Iraq and Syria his press office announced today.

Experts: Mass EU Immigration Anarchists Dream

LONDON - England - Thanks to the perpetual war in Iraq and Syria, Europe is seeing a huge humanitarian crisis caused by unfettered immigration.

Jeremy Corbyn Reverse Promotion Strategy Working Well Says Blair

LONDON - England - Comrade Corbyn is going from strength to strength as his name is mentioned everywhere on a constant basis.

Tony Blair: “Why Jeremy Corbyn is True Heart of Labour”

LONDON - England - Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, has apologised to Labour leadership front-runner Jeremy Corbyn for previously trashing his character and policies of pure socialism.

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