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Tony Blair: 45 Minutes to Iraq Attack Planned Years Before

LONDON - England - A new document released confirms what some people knew all along, the Iraq war was an engineered event planned years in advance.

When Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of Britain, entrusted in the care of the country, stood up and proclaimed that Britain was just 45 minutes from attack, he fooled many in parliament into accepting the go-ahead for the Iraq invasion.

Some in the know knew it was a grand deception to fuel an illegal war, which is why the Middle East is in such a mess now, causing the deaths of thousands of coalition troops and millions of civilians.

As the latest released memo explains in more detail, Tony Blair was complicit in planning the war a full year before his ridiculous 45-minute attack claims.

But, was the Iraq war necessary? Yes, in the eyes of the controllers, after the trigger of 911, which was a symbolic ritualistic sacrifice celebrating the beginning of the 21st century, there was a planned series of movements to continue the momentum created by that very Pearl Harbouresque gesture, especially with the American people still waving the flag all in unison after the spectacular theatrical event.

No war ever just happens, these are planned years in advance, and the Iraq war was in the making decades before George W. Bush was inserted into the presidency.

Nothing would be allowed to thwart such a move, as Dr. David Kelly found out.

The purpose of the Iraq war was not to gain oil, or territory immediately, it was to install a Shia ruling faction, this in turn would inflame the Sunni majority, et voila, you have an ongoing conflict which will last decades. Without the Iraq invasion, ISIS would never have happened, and the Russians and Iranians would not be now in Syria, exposed.


Without any of these events occurring it would naturally have been nigh on impossible to curtail human freedom further, and the homeland security acts would not have happened. Coupled with the introduction of mass surveillance on populations, these actions are deemed necessary for the introduction to the next stage in control, and new order.

What is the future play? World War III actually began on September 11 2001, and its many elements are being realised slowly but surely. Economic war, the end of financial liquidity, the engineered decline of oil prices, the 2008 dip, a minor blip for what is to come.

This time, China, Russia and Iran are involved, as they sat and watched the Bush/Blair invasion of Iraq in 2003, in 2015, these major countries are not watching any more, they are actively participating.

Major global war is inevitable, therefore we must thank Tony Blair for his role, we must thank George W Bush and the denizens involved in the Project for the New American Century, 1997.

The blind, unenlightened will not see as they reside in darkness, and will only have an inkling that something is wrong — by that time it will be too late.


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