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Tony Blair: “Don’t Look at Me, I’ve Got Nothing to Do...

LONDON - England - Whilst parliament reconvenes today to discuss the horror of Afghanistan, Tony Blair, the former Labour leader, is silent.

Why Christians Should Be Banned From Entering the U.S.

NEW YORK - USA - If you're going to ban Muslims from entering America, it goes without saying that Christians should be banned as well.

Remembering 911 Again

NEW YORK - USA - Yes, it's that time of year again where the fateful events that took place on September 11th or 911 are remembered by the media.

Jeb Bush: In Retrospect

FLORIDA - USA - News filters through slowly, and much like the turtle that slowly ambles its way across a beach, so is Jeb Bush limping his way across a Walmart car park pushing his trolley full of bags, an old rucksack, some empty bottles and a flea bitten pooch which he rescued from under the interstate bridge.

Syria Airstrikes: David Cameron Does a George W. Bush

LONDON - England - Prime Minister David Cameron echoed the rhetoric of George W. Bush and Tony Blair in 2001 during today's parliamentary debate as well as his comments in the 1922 Committee.

The Role of Fear During the War of Perpetual Terror

NEW YORK - USA - During George W. Bush's era he constantly talked of the War on Terror. His words 'War on Terror' actually meant 'War of Terror' the perpetual state of fear that is transmitted onto the populations.

Jeb Bush Visits Rope Museum

TUSCALOOSA - USA - Taking a stop from the busy campaign trail, Republican presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush visited a rope museum to wile away the hours before the next leg of the gruelling itinerary.

Tony Blair: 45 Minutes to Iraq Attack Planned Years Before

LONDON - England - A new document released confirms what some people knew all along, the Iraq war was an engineered event planned years in advance.

Tony Blair: “Why Jeremy Corbyn is True Heart of Labour”

LONDON - England - Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, has apologised to Labour leadership front-runner Jeremy Corbyn for previously trashing his character and policies of pure socialism.

Think Tank: Battle Between Orthodox Islam and Shia Sect Helps West

SOMEWHERE - Nowhere - Prominent military think tank, the War Institute, reveals a brief analysis of the current situation in the Middle East and the manipulation of Islam.

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