Jeb Bush Visits Rope Museum

TUSCALOOSA - USA - Taking a stop from the busy campaign trail, Republican presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush visited a rope museum to wile away the hours before the next leg of the gruelling itinerary.


“Look at this rope it’s made from er..rope, strands go across each other and not only that you can tie it up into a knot,” Jeb Bush excitedly jabbed at a piece of rope.

“This rope here is quite old rope, it looks about a hundred or so years old.”

“Synthetic rope now let me guess made in 2004.”

“Shredded rope with some burn marks on it, I wonder what happened here, this is fascinating.”

“Ah, and my favourite, a rope fashioned into a noose. Can I try it on? Feels great, I think I’ll step on this bucket, wow I can see you all down there, now for the jump!”