The Role of Fear During the War of Perpetual Terror

NEW YORK - USA - During George W. Bush's era he constantly talked of the War on Terror. His words 'War on Terror' actually meant 'War of Terror' the perpetual state of fear that is transmitted onto the populations.


Without 911, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan would never have taken place, because after the event there was unity in fear, this unity carried forward calls for invasion by Bush and Blair. Documents from Hillary Clinton’s emails confirm that Bush and Blair had already agreed on the Iraq invasion one whole year before the event.

Fear is one of the most powerful control mechanisms available in the arsenal of the controllers and it is to this end that the populations gladly give up their limited freedoms out of fear. Without fear there would not be intrusive TSA checkpoints, or the Department of Homeland Security or invasive data gathering operations by the NSA.

The emotion of fear is a crucial mechanism for human survival however to be perpetually fearful is a condition that makes life unbearable, and the controllers like this, they want you to feel uncomfortable, they want you to submit to their every whim especially when passing their laws restricting your rights and already limited freedoms.

Whoever controls and funds ISIS knows how to engender fear amongst the pampered, entitled Western populace.

The key to circumnavigating the obvious prompts for fear is to utilise rational logical thought, to view any event from many angles and to find through many sources your own understanding of any situation. Ignorance is the cause of fear.

Be prepared, because it is not just ISIS who are the enemy, you are as well, anyone can see that by simply protesting in the streets of any Western city today. You will immediately realise who they see the enemy as, when the black clad truncheon wielding storm troopers beat you to the ground and splatter your teeth across the asphalt.