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Why Biden Should Not Be Allowed to Make Any Decisions

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - It would be highly dangerous to allow Joe Biden to make any decisions in government.

It would be highly irresponsible and very dangerous for Joe Biden to make any decisions concerning US policy, or anything that may affect government. Even though Biden is supposedly the President of the United States, it is hoped that for the past four years his handlers have been making all necessary decisions to run the government and implement policy domestic and abroad. There have been odd exceptions which have been visible as being unfortunately under the Biden hand, and the evacuation of troops from Afghanistan was a prime example — it was a disaster. After that ‘clusterfuck’ Biden’s handlers took a tighter rein on decision-making.

Who are Biden’s handlers? Well, the walking cadaver known as Joe Biden is just a mere precept to keep the Democrats in power. A US president can only legally serve for two terms in office, so they brought in the practically brain-dead, comatose Joe Biden in so that Obama and his team could have a third term.

If all goes to plan, the Obama team will have a fourth term when Democrat voters (a completely deranged and deluded bunch) vote Biden in for a second term in office. By that time, Joe Biden may have to be carted around in a chair and have strings attached to his lips to make them move as recordings of his voice are played through hidden speakers. Who knows how they will handle the charade? Holograms? Mirrors?

There are murmurs however that the Obama team are seriously tired of this game, and wish to come out of the shadows, but they have been warned by Democrat masterminds that this would compromise the entire operation.

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