Obama Losing Time Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - President Obama has vowed to complete his tenure as president by taking away America's guns.

The guns, the guns, how on earth is Obama going to pull this one off?

Obamaworld is crumbling before his very eyes, as the terrorists and Republicans bay at his pluggy ears.

Capitol Hill insiders are cautious to explain what has happened: “Obama, he had a dream, instead it has become a nightmare. As stock buybacks accelerate, the fracture within America is widening to a chasm, a goddamn Grand Canyon and the moderate terrorists he armed didn’t turn out to be so moderate. But we want to know, how is the prez going to get the guns, Mr. and Mrs. America ain’t going to give them up so easy?”

Ninety nine percent of Americans hate Black Lives Matter, and have no desire to embrace the transgender movement as well as feminism, but there is some solace for Obama because there is a growing anti-gun movement although it is still encompassed by Americans stocking up on even more guns and ammo.

An Obama administration official revealed the plan on Thursday: “It’s easy, we are going to ask nicely, give up your guns, and they’re going to hand them over. This action is going to happen in the final year of the president’s term in office.”

Good luck with that one.