Phuc Dat Bich Always Welcome at the Squib

LONDON - England - Facebook may have banned Phuc Dat Bich but the Daily Squib is welcoming him with open arms.

He may not be very welcome at Facebook after being banned countless times for the crime of having a unique name, but Phuc Dat Bich is always welcome at the offices of the Daily Squib because we like jokers.

“We would like to extend the red carpet out to Phuc Dat Bich, a man unjustly ostracised by social networking sites like Facebook who are so politically correct that they not only ban innocent pictures of proud mothers breastfeeding their babies but rather weirdly allow Jihadists to spread graphic videos of beheadings. Where’s the logic in that? Phuc Dat Bich!” our commissioning sub-par editor said today from the bath.