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Triggered Woke People and Eco Zealots Encouraged to Choose Euthanasia

SCUNTHORPE - England - A Labour think tank details its proposals for the government to introduce euthanasia for the entire British Isles.

Life is simply unliveable for many woke people and eco zealots, therefore these people should be encouraged to choose euthanasia as a cure to their mental illness, a Labour think tank has proposed to be adopted by Keir Starmer when he wins the election.

In Canada, depressed poor people are give the go-ahead for assisted-death at the drop of a hat. In fact, it is so prevalent in Canada. There have been 44,958 Medical Assistance in Dying MAID deaths reported in Canada since the introduction of legislation in 2016. There have even been multiple instances in which people have sought to be killed because they weren’t getting adequate government support to live.

In the Netherlands, a perfectly healthy beautiful 28-year-old woman is choosing to die in May because she is slightly depressed, and has been encouraged to euthanise by her psychiatrist: “there’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better.”

UK Euthanasia Bill

When implemented in the UK, the hospitals may be inundated with cases of woke people and eco zealots who cannot live in the world due to their various mental illnesses brought on by those who control them.

The coming Labour government should welcome the proposed euthanasia bill and implement it post-haste soon after coming into power.

The benefits to taxpayers are immense as there will be less burden on welfare as many of these people who choose assisted dying will also serve the Net Zero agenda they have been brainwashed to follow.

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