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When Satire Predicts the Future

GENEVA - Switzerland - Satire sometimes has an uncanny way of predicting the future.

It is strange how sometimes satire written many years ago somehow becomes a reality.

The Daily Squib wrote a satirical article in 2015 imagining portable Abort Pods being available to any human who simply wanted to euthanise themselves. The iAbortPod app would direct them to the right place, where they would even choose their own music as they expire. This painless operation would also recycle the bodies efficiently.

Fast-forward to 2021, and a Swiss company has come up with a portable abort pod or ‘suicide capsule’ that pretty much does the same thing we wrote about in 2015. The person who wishes to terminate themselves is directed via an app to a place where the suicide capsule is located. They are then terminated. The Sarco Suicide Pod by Swiss company https://www.exitinternational.net/ is expected to be operational in 2022 and has passed legal review in Switzerland.

Thank you for reading the Daily Squib, where satire sometimes becomes reality in the future.

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