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Dedicated to Satire But Threats of Violence May Force Us to Close

LONDON - England - Writing satire should not be a crime. We may however be forced to shut down from threats of violence from Russia.

Here at the Daily Squib we are truly dedicated to our meracious approach to satire, but the threats of violence against our writers has taken a toll, and we may be forced to shut down in the future. The increase in levels of threats over the years mainly coming from totalitarian regimes like Russia, China and N. Korea could cause us to shut down.

We are used to being cancelled, and threatened by certain unscrupulous parasitical companies from the EU, but the violent threats from Russia, especially after the Ukraine invasion, have at some times been quite scary.

We will not repeat some of the horrendous threats we receive here because they are too horrific to publicise.

Our plight has been picked up by the Sun Newspaper, and we are thankful to them for their reporting of the situation. Our jokey satire story about Vladimir Putin having a micro-penis was the catalyst for much of the vitriol received, which we traced back to Russia.

These are sad times for satirists, especially those who specialise in Juvenalian satire like the Squib, where authoritarian and totalitarian regimes can attempt to affect our ability to continue on. Satire and comedy used to be once upon a time protected genres, but it seems now these genres are being threatened by wokism, cancel culture, and violent threats.

We however do not give up easily, despite not getting any support or any help from anyone. We also do not wish to revel in some form of herostratic fame. Our only desire is to continue to write satire, and wish anyone else who thinks about delving into this literary genre to do so as well, without fear of violence and punishment. If you want to start a satire website, or start writing satire in any capacity, drop us an email, and we will do our utmost to help you…it is, however, to be noted that under the current climate, there will probably be no desire to pursue the field of real satire and the old satirists will all eventually disappear under the graveolent dolorous mire uttering a final Wilhelm scream into the cold darkness.

The Daily Squib fights for Justice, Freedom and Democracy.

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  1. Sorry to hear such a horrendous ordeal. The Daily Squib seems to be brave to defy the Russian Nazis. Keep fighting the good fight.


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