Tony Blair: “Why Jeremy Corbyn is True Heart of Labour”

LONDON - England - Former British prime minister, Tony Blair, has apologised to Labour leadership front-runner Jeremy Corbyn for previously trashing his character and policies of pure socialism.

In a spectacular u-turn, the former prime minister, Tony Blair wants to reassure Labour supporters that Jeremy Corbyn is actually the heart and soul of the party’s original message.

“First of all I would like to apologise for my trashing of Jeremy Corbyn the other day. I was only thinking of money. That’s actually all I think about these days, and to tell you the truth, supporting Corbyn would be about embracing the true spirit of the Labour party, something that I veered completely away from. Jeremy Corbyn is the core of the socialist ideology, he is what the Labour party was created for, and I apologise to him and his supporters unequivocally for any words that may have unintentionally hurt his feelings,” Mr Blair wrote in the Sunday Mirror.

Tony Blair, who started the Iraq war which caused one of the worst humanitarian disasters in human history, is not respected within the Labour party any more, especially after his fortunes have rocketed post premiership with dodgy dealings, expensive speeches and consorting with war criminals and despots for cash.