86bn Euros: Greeks Going to Take Money and Run

ATHENS - Greece - How long do you think 86 Billion euros is going to last if it is given to Greece? Two months, six months or even a year?


“We made a good trick. We’re going to take the money, then declare bankruptcy after the money is used up. The final fuck you,” a Greek Finance Ministry worker revealed on Friday.

What’s 350 Billion euros + 86 Billion euros? Yep, 436 Billion euros. That’s a lot of money that will never get paid back, and the Greeks are laughing all the way to the bank.

“This will be the final finger to Germany. If they and the Troika are stupid enough to give us another 86 Billion euros, then they deserve to get hit big time. They deserve this punishment, throwing money away like that into a Greek black hole, they might as well shred the money right now. Hah! Who in their right mind would lend any more money to some place like Greece? Even the Russians would not,” Costas Manana, a government worker told Greek newspapers.

How long will 86bn euros last in Greek hands?

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