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Bankrupt Greece Buys Three Billion Euro Frigates From France to Attack...

PARIS - France - President Macron is selling the bankrupt country of Greece, €3 billion worth of French frigates, which will cause more tension against Turkey and possibly war.

Greek Coast Guard Applauded For Drowning and Shooting Desperate Syrian Refugees

LESBOS - Greece - No one is condemning the sinking of migrant boats holding women and children by Greece's coastguard or the cold blooded murder of people seeking safety from the Syrian war zone.

Dollar Riding Into Greek Rescue

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Now is the time to strike, and the Donald is up to it. The Greek debt extravaganza is finally coming to an end.

Profligate Greeks the Poison Ordered Up by EU Idiots Too Blind...

ATHENS - Greece - Global financiers at the IMF are increasingly unwilling to fund endless bailouts for the eurozone’s most troubled country, even though Germany is willing to throw away billions into a Greek black cash hole.

Analyst: Why Turkey Opening Border to Millions Migrants into Europe is...

ANKARA - Turkey - The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday has vowed to throw open Turkey's borders to illegal migrants after the European Parliament voted to back a freeze in membership talks with Ankara, and have reneged on a visa deal that was promised by the EU a few months ago.

Greek Default As IMF Threatens to Pull Out Third Bailout

ATHENS - Greece - The IMF's Christine Lagarde, is threatening to pull out of a third Greek bailout, which will create another default situation for the ailing debt ridden country.

There is No Logic to Staying in the European Union

LONDON - England - There is no logical sense to vote to remain in a fractured, corrupt, sick European Union. This is why millions of people in Britain will vote to leave on June 23.

Panama Wikileak: At Least Now We Know Where Some of the...

PANAMA - A massive leak of 11.5 million tax documents has exposed the secret offshore dealings of companies and individuals from Cyprus and Greece.

Wikileaks Greek Bombshell Increases Brexit

LONDON - England - The Wikileaks leaked transcript of a teleconference session between the IMF’s chief negotiator, Paul Thomsen and Delia Velculescu, head of the IMF mission to Greece should solidify Britain's push for Brexit.

Greek Farmers Told to Pay Tax

ATHENS - Greece - Greek farmers have stormed the Ministry of Agriculture in the country's capital city, they are not happy about being told to pay tax from now on.

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