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Greek Shipping Magnates Making Billions Supporting Putin’s Evil War

ATHENS - Greece - While blood flows in Ukraine, so does Russian oil thanks to the Greek shipping magnates helping Putin's evil war.

Greece may be part of the EU, but that mean’s nothing to greedy Greek shipping magnates making billions off the misery and atrocities of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s evil war. With the help of the Greeks, the Russian economy is now very buoyant with a budget surplus, and the so-called Western sanctions mean absolute shit.

“Greece is meant to be a part of NATO but is helping Putin. While America and the UK spend trillions on the war effort by subsidising Ukraine, and supplying weapons, Greece is actively working from within NATO to support Putin and his evil war of attrition against NATO,” a perplexed analyst revealed.

Between January 2022 and August this year, Greek shipping companies sold 60 oil tankers built before 2010 worth at least $30m (£25m) apiece, according to analysis by VesselsValue.

This was six times the number sold by American companies, as Greek sales amounted to $2.5bn.

In the last 18 months, the world’s shadow fleet delivering and supplying Russian oil has ballooned from 220 ships to 535, according to recent analysis, with numbers spiking over the summer.

The biggest buyers are the EU, China and India of Russian oil reserves, and the recent price hike of crude has been a great boon for the Russian economy.

“While Biden and Sunak sleep, the Russians are making trillions in profit. The EU, which buys a lot of oil from Russia, is effectively fuelling Putin’s coffers, so the war in Ukraine can continue for decades. It is only a matter of time before the West, which is more interested in dumping fossil fuels, is bankrupted while in the East they are making trillions and trillions of dollars from it. The way the corrupt EU gets around the supposed sanctions is to buy repackaged oil and gas from China. Russian oil and gas is delivered to China and India in Greek ships, then repackaged as Indian or Chinese commodities. The oil and gas is then purchased at a high mark-up by the EU and delivered to Europe inside Greek tankers,” one insider revealed.

As the blood and carnage is daily spilled in the Ukraine meat grinder, the oil flows freely, thanks to the Greek shipping magnates and corrupt EU enabling Putin’s evil war.

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