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Democrats: “Joe Biden is Perfectly Okay”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - According to the Democrats, Joe Biden is perfectly okay, and there is nothing to see here, please move along.

Cruelty comes in many ways, and the deluded Democrats indeed are masters of cruelty by declaring that Joe Biden is okay and that nothing is wrong with him. It may actually be a blessing for Joe that he is so far advanced in his dementia that he cannot recall the extreme levels of corruption he and his son have committed.

“The Biden presidency was basically the third presidency of Barack Obama. Every day he receives pages of stuff he has to say or do, and he follows that through without question, albeit with a demented manner,” a Capitol Hill insider revealed.

Even though everything is heavily scripted and coordinated by large teams of staff, things can easily go wrong. For the Democrats it is great to have Barack Obama back again dictating his gay trans ideologies as well his open borders system of killing America, a country he detests with a vengeance, however sometimes the Obama puppet (Joe Biden) breaks free and starts babbling off script.

Recently, at a White House meeting, Joe Biden suddenly went off script and his handlers who were off-screen were literally seen tearing out their hair as the puppet president started babbling nonsense to the Venezuelan President visiting the White House.

“Imma get ice cream! (staring blankly at a pillow) Jerks level Walmart talk me. C’mon man, give me a break, will ya? Treblinka anus hole. Rubba dubba dove ma momma is here she tell me I can go play outside now. Coo coo ca choo! Poultry, red paint and shower curtain rails suck my brain, or is that plastic hmm, maybe concrete trains? Nama nama nama Jamaica! One, thirty-four and twenty plenty of eels. Brick soup empty, Mr. Trimble! Oh, my gawd! It’s a Leprechaun, he just told me something! Yes, yes, uhuh, okay I got it! We gotta nuke Great Britain cuz they stole our cheddar cheese. Shame on these Limeys! (Biden’s face goes red, and he starts raging) They stole my chicken. They stole my potato soup. NUKE! NUKE! NUKE! BA-A-A-A-A-S-TARDS! Filipinos, they are all so wiry. (The Venezuelan president goes to shake Biden’s hand before he leaves, but Joe Biden drops on all fours and scoots around the Oval Room) They won’t get me. If I hear another order through my earpiece, I will scream. Obama back off man! Eaaargh! Ballet dancer, nig nog, shambles, burrito!”

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