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Are Generation Z a Redundant Generation?

LONDON - England - Are the feckless stunted, programmed activists who are Generation Z of any value to anyone or anything apart from the West's enemies?

If you do not have the ability to even debate a subject matter coherently and with depth, and immediately turn to the cancel button, there’s something very wrong with you. Growing up on a millisecond attention span on useless junk like TikTok has obviously grossly subverted the brains of millions of Generation Z losers who have been sovietized in the socialist education system and follow Marxist ideology without question.

This is not just a condemnation of a bunch of feckless losers like Gen Z but a profound condemnation of the education systems in the West who indoctrinated these empty buckets with enough activist Marxist shit to last decades. Of course, not every member of Generation Z is an automaton, there are some who fall through the cracks, and are invariably ostracised or cancelled.

Is there a reasonable way out of this mess that has been foisted upon the world like a horrid suppurating anal wart?

The only way would be to completely reorganise all educational establishments and to install non-Marxist educationalists. To remove all woke Marxist ideology, critical race theory and all the socialist media. Yes, that is not going to happen any time soon.

Socialism and Marxism in the West are now endemic and completely encompass all forms of society and governmental structures, so it should not be a surprise that Generation Z exemplify the qualities of this communist political ideology.

The saddest part of all of this is that millions of people in the past died for our supposed freedoms in the West, especially in World War II, and it was not the fascistic political ideology or the Imperial Japanese that defeated the West, but a so-called ally — the Soviet Union, which is now alive and well in the European Union and the USA. When the Berlin Wall fell, the East German Stasi were recruited into top positions in the EU, and from there, they continued to do what they do. Generation Z now march against freedom of speech, they actively want our basic human rights quashed.

There was no Nuremberg Hearing for the soviets, who killed more people than Hitler, because of massive communist support in the West. One could easily say that communism has definitely capitulated and infiltrated the West, as witnessed by Generation Z. It takes a few generations to completely demoralise nations, and the West has completely capitulated to Chinese communist indoctrination.

We are all now subjects of the CCP, as is Big Business, Big Tech, and all respective governments in the West. With massive censorship, wokism, cancel culture, soviet activism, hyper sensitive political correctness, critical race theory, transgender activism etcetera, there is a whole load of baggage to deal with.

Generation Z do not have the skills to debate any subject, and are devoid of any critical thinking skills. Employers have to deal with these people who cannot cope if other people have a different point of view, that’s because they have been in their closeted world of indoctrination since birth, where everybody says the same things and are programmed to think the same things. When they finally get into the real world and encounter people who have opinions of their own, these people are dumbfounded and cannot react any other way other than cancelling the other voice. It is a brutal way of dealing with things, but this is how Generation Z act, and now they are a bunch of fucking communist brutes getting ready for the time when they are the concentration camp gulag guards.

The Obama generation, the Joe Biden generation Z-list are all predominantly now a bunch of Saul Alinsky activists, communists, Marxists. They are activists of something they are told to be activists of, but they don’t really know why they are activists or how to debate a subject they have no understanding. In this respect, they follow their Marxist programmers with meticulous zeal, but sadly do not know why they are doing it. The same goes for the EU indoctrinated Generation Z in the UK, who grew up under the indoctrination of the EU programmers in education. They are programmed so well that nothing can be done about these people, absolutely nothing apart from a bullet in the head. They would defend the soviet European Union till death and kill millions of British people if they had a chance to do so.

The most insidious form of destroying any nation is from the inside, and now we have Generation Z, a horrid monstrosity fungal infection growing from the inside. These people are taught to love the enemy, and to hate themselves and their own nation. Is there a better weapon than this?

There is no cure apart from fire, bullets and napalm.

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