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TRIAL BY MEDIA: Women Now Have the Power to Completely Ruin a Man’s Life Without the Courts

LONDON - England - Trial by media is the new norm in a society that is anti-male and anti-freedom to ruin a man's life without a court of law involved.

Women now have the power to completely ruin a man’s career simply by voicing their opinion on an event that may or may not have happened decades ago. Through trial by media, there are no legal avenues or independent reviews, any man can now have their entire career and reputation completely destroyed simply on hearsay.

Anonymous accusations

These anonymous protected women making allegations against Russell Brand did not actively seek to make their accusations known after twenty or thirty years. It was the media who decided for whatever reason to look into Russell Brand, who sought out these women over a four-year investigation period. It was only after the media contacted the women that they suddenly recalled their stories. Could this sort of targeted weaponised muck raking happen to anyone?

During his time of promiscuity, Russell Brand was sleeping with up to 80 women a month, and with those numbers, there will naturally be some who felt aggrieved afterwards even though they literally threw themselves at him in the first place because of his so-called ‘fame’.


Currently, there has not been a single judiciary hearing in a court of law regarding any of these grievances from women who consensually opened their legs to Brand. When society stoops to such a low level that a man’s entire career is cancelled purely on hearsay and media articles without any form of court being involved, one could easily postulate that our freedoms have effectively disappeared. This is dangerous territory where men are now targets to be taken down simply so that newspapers can make more money from advertising and sales. Sure, women must have the right of protection from sexual assault and abuse, however this protection must be through the law and NOT any other way. What is happening now through a trial by media makes a mockery of the justice system, and is an affront to the concept of due process.

Innocent before PROVEN guilty?

If Russell Brand is convicted in a court of law, in a fair trial, then he got what he deserved, but until that time; why are companies like YouTube demonetizing his channel, why has his agent dumped him, why has his publisher dumped him, why has the BBC erased his programs, why have these organisations who enabled and tolerated Brand’s behaviour in the first place dumped him completely like a hot potato? No actual evidence has been presented of any wrongdoing at any point in time which would be accepted in a court of law.

If these women had genuine grievances, why did they not report them twenty or thirty years ago? They could have easily gone to the police to report their problem. One suspects, it is because they agreed to have sexual relations with Brand initially and that they were in fact complicit in their own promiscuous actions.

Calculated take down

Just because there is an anti-male element now prevalent in Western society, this should not mean that events in the past which were once tolerated and seen as normal behaviour should be somehow dredged up and weaponised against someone who was simply making money on their YouTube channel by pandering to conspiracy theorists. Is that a crime? Well, obviously Russell Brand rubbed some of his targets up the wrong way, possibly some large pharmaceutical conglomerate, or other large entity and this is a very calculated take down.

If a man wants to fuck thousands of women, or conversely if a woman wants to spread her legs for thousands of men, they should be allowed to do so. Why is the Anglo-Saxon West so hung up on sex? In most Latin countries and the Continent, sex is a normal function of life and there are no hang-ups.

Regret isn’t rape

Russell Brand allegedly had a relationship with a 16-year-old girl who threw herself at him. In the UK the legal age of consent is 16 therefore, the idiotic Megyn Kelly is obviously ignorant to the laws of the land in the UK. In legal terms, Brand did not do anything wrong there at all. Obviously, morally speaking it was a bit iffy because of the age difference, but legally it was totally kosher.

Through trial by media, a man who now has a family with three children has effectively lost his livelihood. All because of some aggrieved promiscuous women who allegedly voluntarily had sex with Brand, but maybe had second thoughts after the act. Naturally, if you have sex with so many women there will be some who feel used afterwards, who will have a vendetta, who will be vindictive.

Brand, of course is not faultless in all of this, because of his mental problems, his drug addictions and his narcissism mixed in with elements of fame, he has also been out of control, and if he is convicted in a court of law under due process then he should pay the price THEN — NOT NOW when no court or jury has even heard a squeak.

How can someone like Russell Brand even have a fair hearing in a court of law now, since he has been tried and judged already by the media?

No honour amongst socialists

The real hypocrisy lies of course with the leftist media companies who made money off and championed Brand yet at the same time enabled his promiscuity whilst actively shutting down any form of grievance from the women in question. These socialist Marxist media organisations are just as accountable as anyone, and they have now turned on Brand simply to make more money off his cancellation by attempting to raise their profiles as news organisations with these allegations.

Trial by media is a severe sure sign that we as a society have lost our freedom, and it is only going to get a lot worse from now on. The left leaning mainstream media is a corrupted, authoritarian, evil, hypocritical entity, more so than any man or woman who lives a life of promiscuity.

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