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Keir Starmer Brexit Reversal Deal With Macron Brokered by Tony Blair

BRUSSELS - EU - Keir Starmer will win the next election and is set for a Brexit reversal deal with Macron.

Labour it seems has the coming election in the bag already because the Tories are led by a weak shoo-in Rishi Sunak and a miser Chancellor Jeremy Hunt who have ignored any supposed Brexit benefits. Tony Blair brokered the deal for Labour leader Keir Starmer to meet French leader Emmanuel Macron, so they could discuss reintegration into the EU with a Brexit reversal deal.

The Tories squandered their Brexit opportunities and there is a huge Remainer contingent amongst voters to re-join the EU, and they will vote Labour in the next election, so it will happen.

The Daily Squib has been certain all along that Brexit never happened anyway, simply because the UK is still ruled by EU laws, the ECHR, and the ECJ, as well as the EU Commission.

Naturally, Labour will put rejoining the EU at the forefront of their manifesto because many ignorant voters are low-information people who just think of their holidays in the Continent and have no thought of how the EU Soviet bloc is a collectivist pseudo-Marxist construct that limits freedom and is essentially a centrally governed system that eviscerates former nation states of their sovereignty.

comrade keir starmer soviet labour
Comrade Keir Starmer, Labour

One would think that such movements against Brexit would put some smoke up the arse of Rishi Sunak, but it is a certainty that the Tories will welcome a Labour win at the election and reintegration into the EU because all Brexiteers have been mostly purged from key positions in government and Remainers installed in their place.

The Bank of England is now staunchly led by Remainers, and Jeremy Hunt is a fierce Remainer as is Rishi Sunak. The people supposedly who are meant to be impartial, the Civil Servants, have always been staunchly Remainers and gladly shout their allegiance to the EU from their work-from-home offices.

Coutts Stasi EU Cunts
Coutts Stasi Ordnungspolizei

Brexit had no chance, and it seems the Communists within Britain fought with all their might against it. The House of Lords is predominantly Remain, apart from a few like Lord Lamont. One only has to look at the recent Proms, where the EU communists infiltrated the concert and waved their flags in soviet unison.

Instead of playing up the economy like Liz Truss tried, the Tories have been playing down the economy and playing down Brexit.

Rees-Mogg is pretty much inconsequential and has not done anything for Brexit, and Farage is all too happy hosting his little show on GB News where he has beers with D-list celebrities. The Reform Party is a slight chink of light, but as we mentioned before, the majority of voters do not support Brexit anymore because they do not understand what the EU is and are low-information shallow voters who know little or nothing about political ideology or little things like communism.

In the end, the Remainers played the long game and have now infiltrated pretty much every part of British society, media and government. The Brexiteers that are left, are too little in numbers to do anything, and Britain will lose the little sovereignty it had left very soon.

Thank you for the Brexit that never actually happened. The UK never left the EU so enjoy your fucking pyrrhic victory your Remainer communist slime. What used to be called Britain is all but a distant fucking memory and once full EU integration takes place the once Great Britain will be lost forever. With a nation as demoralised as the UK from within, what hope is there left?

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