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Brexit is NOT Done! Britain Still Tied to ECJ, ECHR and EU Commission

LONDON - England - Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has managed to pass Brexit legislation through the House of Commons by 515 votes to 29, but 70 Tory MPs did not support the deal.

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Despite the misguided Tory celebrations today after passing Rishi Sunak’s Brexit stitch-up law and proclaiming that ‘Brexit is Done’, it is not done, it simply is NOT Brexit.

How can we have a Brexit when Britain and N. Ireland is still ruled by the EU Commission, European Courts of Justice and European Court of Human Rights? This is not in any way British sovereignty. Would the USA or Australia or Japan agree to be ruled by these EU legal entities and subject to their laws? No, is the emphatic answer, yet it seems the UK has capitulated to the EU and is in no way a sovereign nation.

EU law will still be dominant in Northern Ireland; the rights of its people under the 1800 Act of Union are not restored; the green lane is not really a green lane at all; the Stormont brake is useless; and the framework itself has no exit, other than through a highly convoluted legal process which would drag on for decades without an end in sight.

It seems the Brexiteers have been fully purged from the Tory Party, which is now an effete socialist mirror of the Labour Party. This is why the vote today in parliament required Labour votes to pass.

If you voted to leave the EU on June 23, 2016, what has happened today in parliament is effectively a complete whitewash of Brexit and no doubt many, including the DUP are ashamed at the whole farcical fake and undignified manner this entire disgraceful episode has been conducted.

You can pull the wool over the eyes of the blind muppets and yes-men all nodding their heads in unison as they are shepherded off the cliff edge, but not everyone will fall for these duplicitous dishonest tricks.

As the Reform UK party gains strength, the Tories are only shooting themselves in the foot for the next election. High tax and spend Tories who capitulate to the EU at every point and have betrayed not only Britain but democracy in general have already lost the election in 2024.

Macron will enjoy spending the half a billion pounds Sunak has given him to do nothing about the migrant Channel crisis; Brussels is gloating at another coup with this erroneous Brexit deal that means nothing, nada, shit, zilch, zero, and is absolute bollocks.

Since Brexit, some 640 laws have been passed for Northern Ireland “behind closed doors in Brussels by majority vote”.

Brexit never happened, and it will probably never happen.

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  1. Hear, hear! But I’m sick of Brexit. Why can’t these clowns just cut off all the EU chains and be done with it?

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