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‘Fake News’ Created by Eric Schmidt Former Google Boss

NEW YORK - USA - What investigative journalist, Sharyl Attkinson has discovered about Fake News creator Eric Schmidt, is not surprising.

Fake News Fake News Fake News

LONDON - England - Fake news is the catch-all term that defined the year 2017, but will the hysteria continue?

The Intrinsic Difference Between Satire and ‘Fake News’

LONDON - England - The literary genre of satire has been mislabelled by the ignorant as 'fake news'. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The Internet Today: My Fake Girlfriend Answered My Fake Social Network...

CHICAGO - USA - Like everything's fake on the internet, even Obama has over 60% of his Twitter followers as fake, and the same with other politicians and celebrities.

Fake News Made Ohio Man’s Brain Seep Through Earhole

OHIO – USA – An article on a fake news site has caused permanent brain damage to a Jelloway, Ohio resident.

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