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LONDON - England - Fake news is the catch-all term that defined the year 2017, but will the hysteria continue?

The year 2017 was the year that the phrase ‘fake news’ was brought into the political media circus, a melee of accusatory missives lost in a mire of seditious melancholy.

“Fake news was the term that summed up something yet nothing, because the term itself is fake, it is a catch-all term that can be used for pretty much anything. In our reality, how do we check if anything is real or unreal? Most of the stuff one reads in mainstream media is overclocked journalism, headlines engineered as clickbait, over-exaggeration is the norm in today’s journalism and is used on a constant basis to attract viewers.  There is very little reality in today’s journalism where sensationalism is applauded by media editors, and half-truths are presented as whole truths. We now live in a world where a Twitter hashtag can ruin someone’s career in seconds — without a trial or jury. All it takes is a few people to spread a rumour utilising a well known Twitter hashtag and the target is almost indefensible. Their lives ruined by rumour and fake news,” someone of not much importance said at a bus stop today.

Yes, the Russians are inherently evil and are working every day to undermine Western ideals, media, business, but let us look at it this way, were the Russians pushed towards their anti-Western behaviour by the previous American president? Indeed, one could say, Obama was the reason Putin invaded Ukraine, he was also the reason the Russians gave up on playing nice with the West. This is why Vlad started those troll factories churning out anti-establishment propaganda 24 hours a day. Now that Obama is gone, and the friendly Trump is in, maybe East-West relations may simmer down. It is true to say that the Russians could never tolerate a negroid president dictating stuff to them, yet, is it the Russians’ fault that they rarely get to see a black man anyway, how could they respect Obama? The Russian problem, therefore could be put down to racism as a major factor, because outside of the politically correct circles racism does exist, and it always will exist whatever the so-called non-racists say. Racism is a human condition that cannot be controlled or eradicated — ever.

Fake news, contrary to belief, has of course been around since the dawn of publishing or story telling.

Take one look at the Christian bible to see the biggest load of fake news ever written. It was written by anonymous people just as the old Roman Empire was in major decline and adopted tales from all over the world to incorporate into its story line. Jesus Christ, of which there is no record of him ever living, is the biggest load of fake news ever. Jesus is just a model of every sun god from Krishna to Horus. The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Sumerian cuneiform text reveals that the Noah’s Ark story is a blatant copy the Christians always seem to brush under the carpet. The point that is trying to be revealed here is that blind faith is a precursor for fake news. Christians blindly believe the conjured up supernatural fairy nonsense in the bible as fact, yet they have no record of backing up the book as reality. This is the biggest fake news story of all time, but yet it is impossible to relate this to a Christian, who has been brainwashed throughout the ages, generationally, traditionally, as part of this certain club. There is no reasoning with anyone who is prepared to blindly believe something purely on faith, because in effect, you could tell them any sort of fake news and they would believe it hook line and sinker. If one transmutes this fake news belief throughout the generations it gets stronger and stronger. This is how fake news becomes almost a reality through belief, yet its foundations are built on a fake swamp of shit.

The key to fake news being believed over and over again is repetition over a long period of time.

In other news, fake news, the term, may have a quieter year in the future, however as a hammer to bang whole organisations on the head with, it is useful to whoever is using it, and whatever their agenda is. No doubt, we will have sporadic episodes of fake news, little vomitous splurges here or there.

The future looks bright, much like the past, the future looks fake.

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