BEYOND SATIRE: Howard Stern Alex Jones Puppet Quoted as Real Alex Jones by Daily Mail

TEXAS - USA - An Alex Jones puppet has become embroiled in a fake quote article by the Daily Mail newspaper quoting the real Alex Jones as a factual quote from a puppet quoting the real Alex Jones.

alex jones puppet Howard stern
(The Howard Stern Show)

We don’t know how to take this because things are getting beyond satire, beyond surreal at the moment in the mainstream media.


The Daily Mail is now using quotes from a puppet show on Howard Stern’s radio show as factual quotes from Alex Jones.

The thing is, did Alex Jones say those things anyway, because the fucking puppet quotes  Jones during the skit?

We’re getting seriously confused now, because we don’t know who to believe any more. Do we believe the puppet? Do we believe Alex Jones? Do we believe the Daily Mail?

Fuck knows!