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Beyond Satire: Met Police Arrest Man For Holding “Hamas Is Terrorist” Sign

LONDON - England - A man who attended a protest has been arrested by the Met Police for carrying a placard stating "Hamas is Terrorist".

Who would have thought we would be living through a mal du siècle time when holding a protest sign stating the fact that a designated terrorist group like Hamas are actually ‘terrorists’ would get you fucking arrested. Hamas are terrorists, they have committed atrocities against humans that even the Nazis would find overkill. Truth be told, Hamas and Nazis are on different levels of atrocity creation, each group a disgusting reminder of the horrors humans can do to other humans. The war in Gaza is a direct creation of Hamas, who have been the cause of plunging immeasurable suffering upon Israeli Jews who they want to completely erase from the earth and the misguided Palestinian people, following them to the gates of hell itself.

Hamas is Terrorist

London, on the other hand used to be the capital city of the island of Britain, but somehow it has been hijacked, it has been subverted into a state of criminal cleptobiosis and now even the Metropolitan Police are somehow siding with terror itself, all conducted of course by the muciferous Jihadist Mayor of London — Sadiq Khan, a divisive character who has plunged the once great capital city into a sick morose den of religious war, terror, crime and most of all despair.

There is now an element of true fear seen in the faces of Londoners, because they know that the Met. Police are ineffective observers of crime — they don’t fight crime, they observe it. Okay, they might make a report here or there about the crime they just witnessed on some scratchy CCTV screen, or heard of occurring maybe months later after the fact, but filling in another report is always good because it’s another report that no one will ever read or fucking care about. The only people they arrest are those who dare to misgender the elevated and immune trans population, those who make an anti-woke comment on a social media site, or people protesting against terrorism.

When rampallian public officials like Sadiq Khan are not held accountable for their actions, then we are on dangerous ground as a supposed democratic nation. Here is a cockroach mini-Stalin or mini-Hitler who is running the once great capital city of a once great nation into the fucking ground. He has turned London into a dangerous eigengrau cesspit where terror is revered, and hard-working Londoners are daily trodden on under the maelstrom of rabid crime, evil and unjust taxation upon taxation. Khan should be arrested immediately and tried for gross misconduct as well as the promotion of terror upon the citizens of London. He should then be paraded through the streets in a fucking cage and pelted with rotten tomatoes, shit and rotten eggs, taken to the stocks and left there for the jeering crowds for a few weeks until taken to the Tower, dragged under the waters through Traitor’s Gate to await the inevitable axe man.


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