Wake Up to Some Japanese Ads From the 1980s

TOKYO - Japan - Watch some Japanese ads from the 1980s.

Want to start your day with a zing and a jolt to your spinal column which will set you up for the rest of the day?

Look no further, check out some of these amazing Japanese ads from the 1980s.



There’s something about Japanese adverts that capture the attention today, however the 1980s was the true symbolic breakthrough in commercialization, and creatively speaking, the Japanese sensibility is truly displayed in all its synth glory.



Opening up further to Western influences, Japanese ads in the 1980s often featured Hollywood celebrities making a quick buck in the land of the Rising Sun. Looks like Arnie paid for over half his income by appearing in Jap ads in the 80s.



The early 80s still had a 70s feel, especially music wise.


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