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Daily Squib Giving FREE Holidays Away to Venice Beach California

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Daily Squib is giving away 100s FREE holidays to Venice Beach, California.


Our wonderful summer holiday give away to the incredible Californian paradise of Venice Beach will surely warm the cockles of your heart and spruce up your day.

All you have to do to receive a holiday of a lifetime for FREE is send a postcard to the address at the end of this article, and you will be guaranteed a holiday of a lifetime.

What You Need to Take

  1. There will be no need for money during the duration of your trip, because you will be living in a makeshift tent and rummaging through rubbish bins for food as well as aggressively begging for morsels to eat.
  2. You only need one set of clothes, and you do not even need shoes.
  3. You do not need a plane ticket or passport because you will be travelling to America in the cargo hold of a plane.
  4. You do not need to be a meth or Fentanyl addict, but it helps. If you are not an addict now, give it a few weeks, and you will be.
  5. Sucking tramp cocks for your next hit will be a requirement, so don’t forget to bring some mouthwash.
  6. There will be no need for toiletries or toilets for that matter. Just use any container you can find to defecate in then tip it out your tent afterwards.


Venice Beach is the epitome of the Hollywood life, as many blockbuster movies were made at the location, and is a notable zone for famous musicians of the past as well.

You will be a part of history as you set up your tent, and spend your days shooting up or pushing around a shopping trolley full of useless junk that no one wants.

The nightlife is really great too, there are at least three or four murders per week, lots of arson, and the noise of addicts arguing all night will afford you only a few minutes sleep.

Do not worry about the cops, California is a liberal state that allows every indignity or perversion to take place without any borders or consequences. The authorities will in fact enable you to do anything you want without any hindrance.

Send a postcard in a self-addressed stamped envelope with your answer to this question “Is socialism the best way? a) Yes it is b) Yes c) Yeah!” to Venice Beach Summer Comp. P.O. Box 3425, The Strand, Westminster, London W1A 4FV.

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