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Dodgy Dave Caught in the Headlights Once Again

COTSWOLDS - England - Dodgy Dave is at it again, this time he tried to make £65 million in a dodgy deal.

Dodgy Dave is no stranger to sleaze and greed, and this time he’s under some real scrutiny after being caught in another dodgy deal.

This time Dodgy Dave tried to make a cool £65 million from brokering some dodgy deal and his dodgy lobbying inexpertise. How much is enough for Dave, he’s already a multi-millionaire? Clearly that is not enough for the greedy dodgy bastard.

dodgy dave cameron
Dodgy Dave

“I wouldn’t buy a used shepherd’s hut from Dodgy Dave let alone get him to try and broker a dodgy deal. What do you take me for, a fool?” another dodgy greasy geezer called Rishi Sunak said today.

Sunak was clearly lying because the greasy bastard is implicated in the dodgy deal as well.

Naturally, this will all be brushed under the carpet by next week, which is what Crooked Dave is seriously praying for right now. It’s a good thing that the public forget things so easily and these dodgy deals can continue ad infinitum one after the other.

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