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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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Goodbye Dodgy Dave You Will Not Be Missed

LONDON - England - David Cameron's legacy will be one of disgrace, dishonesty, treachery and lies.

Farewell Big Society

LONDON - England - David Cameron has resigned after trying to dupe the British people into giving away their sovereignty and democracy to the EU.

Juncker: If Britain Remains There Will Be No More Reform in...

BRUSSELS - Belgium - EU President, Jean Claude Juncker has slapped down David Cameron and warned the Prime Minister there will be no more reform to Britain’s EU membership if the country votes Remain tomorrow.

David Cameron: The Neville Chamberlain of Our Time NOT Churchill

LONDON - England - David Cameron is Neville Chamberlain, the parallels are uncanny. Both appeasers to entities that did not have Britain's interests at heart, both failures to Britain.

10 Falsities: The PM and Chancellor Spouting Factual Errors Debunked

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister and Chancellor have made some blatantly false claims in recent TV appearances, and these falsities have mostly gone unchallenged. Here their deliberate lies to the British public are comprehensively debunked.

Britain Clears Path for Turkey’s EU Membership

ISTANBUL - Turkey - Britain is clearing the path for Turkey's accession to the EU which will occur after June 23.

Queen’s 90th Birthday Marred By Treachery and Deceit in the Realm

LONDON - England - The Queen's 90th birthday celebrations have been marred by the stench of treachery, and scaremongering from the remain campaign in the run-up to the EU referendum.

Cameron Panics Over Flagging ‘In’ Campaign

LONDON - England - A panicking PM, David Cameron today released another flurry of false information trying to back up his failing bid to keep Britain in a moribund, corrupt EU. The PMs latest false claims were summarily debunked in full.

Gove and Johnson: The PM Should Debate the Risks of Staying...

LONDON - England - Michael Gove and Boris Johnson have warned that the real risk in the referendum is voting to stay in the EU and have challenged the Prime Minister to debate a member of the Vote Leave team so the public can decide the facts for themselves.

‘Dodgy Dave’ Says Vote Leave FACTS are ‘Con Trick’

LONDON - England - Vote Leave responds to Remain campaign's David Cameron press release accusing them of a 'con trick'.

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