Goodbye Dodgy Dave You Will Not Be Missed

LONDON - England - David Cameron's legacy will be one of disgrace, dishonesty, treachery and lies.



The only accomplishment David Cameron is worthy of acknowledgement was his reluctant acceptance of a promised EU referendum, otherwise he will be known as a wishy-washy socialist PR man with little truth in his actions. Modelled on Tony Blair, David Cameron is the consummate liar who treated the British people and Britain’s sovereignty with contempt and disdain during his short tenure.

One of the greatest crimes committed on Britain by David Cameron has been the indignity foisted upon the armed forces, under his tenure they have been stripped to the bone and are a basic shell of what they used to be. Cameron’s actions have left Britain weak in International standing and vulnerable to outside attack.

dodgy dave cameron

Cameron, a staunch Europhile, conducted a treacherous EU referendum campaign utilising government departments and the BBC against the public to effectively commit treason. The daily scaremongering stories pumped incessantly into the media by Cameron and the bulbous nosed Chancellor Osborne were a disgrace to politics and Britain. It’s a good thing his dirty tricks were revealed and seen through by the majority of the British people who subsequently voted to leave the EU.

Not only has Cameron betrayed his country and was willing to sell out the United Kingdom for a pittance to Brussels, but he has betrayed his own party. His actions split the Conservative party and it may never recover.

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Naturally, the perpetually out-of-touch Cameron, on his way out, is claiming he saved the UK economy from certain Labour destruction. Yes, of course taking away budgets from the most vulnerable in society will bring more money into the coffers, but the truth is Britain’s budget deficit has risen under the Cameron government and Britain has been forced to borrow more to shore up the budget black hole.

Cameron tried to renege on his EU referendum promise many times, but his election depended on the promise, and this is the only reason he was elected in in the first place. If Labour had won under the insipid Marxist Ed Miliband, there would not have been an EU referendum, and the country would have been condemned to another worthless profligate Labour nightmare made worse by being under the EU, so that is the only thing Cameron was useful for. Although Cameron agreed to an EU referendum, he never in his wildest dreams thought the result would be to leave, and his arrogance got the better of him in the end.


The disparity between the Labour socialists and David Cameron’s ideology are too thin, microscopic to even be labelled as different, and this is why Cameron is the Conservative’s premier fully socialist prime minister. If one digs deeper, Cameron is most certainly a Marxist at heart, because he was willing to betray Britain to the EU Marxist construct. Cameron was willing to throw away Britain’s currency, its armed forces, the monarchy, and ultimately its sovereignty to Brussels. For this alone, he will go down in British history as a treacherous appeaser to the Soviet EU and its Marxist ideologies of collectivism and complete totalitarian control.

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David Cameron, is a weasel who nearly took Britain into an EU nightmare, who willingly lied to the British people with a £9 million taxpayer funded propaganda leaflet and used government institutions and experts to try to push his treachery onto the voting public. Cameron colluded with business leaders when he was meant to be negotiating with the EU thus misleading parliament. He extended the voter registration period so more Remain voters could vote. He was responsible for EU citizens being sent polling cards for the EU referendum. He was responsible for dodgy instructions urging voters to tick the remain box on postal voting cards.

cameron jail


You are a disgrace, a shameful duplicitous disgrace to the nation and if Britain were at a time of war, you would be detained for High Treason.

We shall never forget what you tried to do to the UK.

Never forget!


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