Black Lives Only Matter if Shot By White Cops

CHICAGO - USA - Black lives only matter in America if the person who shoots is a white policeman, otherwise black lives do not matter and are completely ignored.



Most blacks die from being shot by other blacks, and their lives don’t seem to matter.

It’s only when a black is shot by a white policeman that his life seems to have some worth amongst the black community and left wing activists.

LaQuan DeShawn III, a gang member from Chicago revealed: “A black person’s life is worthless in America unless he get shot by a white cop. I could go out into the hood right now and shoot three or four niggas. Black Lives Matter crew would not want to know. I could call ’em up and show them the video, they still would not want to know. That’s because a, I’m black, and b, I ain’t a white cop.”

93% of black homicide  victims from 1980 through 2008 were killed by black offenders

The Soros funded BLM group are only interested in blacks who die at the hands of white policemen, they are not interested in the fact that black on black crime is by far the largest element of national statistics.

It is this inherent hypocrisy which defines Black Lives Matter, and all the other offshoot left wing groups.

By only singling out a very small minority in black deaths, groups like BLM relegate all other black deaths to nothing.

Over the past 35 years in America, an estimated 324,000 blacks have been killed at the hands of fellow blacks.

  • john mason

    Well, those statistics don’t lie, and if you keep up with the “times ” as in look in all directions at the violence that plagues blacks, then you know they still kill each other like they did in Africa 2,000 years ago & made slaves of the losers-sold them to the Dutch / Portuguese who sold them to the rest of world,especially the South. Today the massive killings continue, not slavery unless caught by that barbaric, radical so called Islamic group Boko Harem and communist political groups like the one that overthrew Rhodesia 1979 while the U.N. set on it’s sorry ass and let a fairly progressive democratic (mostly white but stable govt) down. The same muderous Nigar is still its ruler, and that again shows the terrible plight of Africans in their own country. Soros is a multi billionaire Jew who worked with the nazi’s in WW11 and it was not selling kosher donuts. Founded BLM, and he’s continued to help destabilize other countries / democratic govts. causes, in their time of crisis like the flood of immigrants to europe he’s involved in, and an intense catalyst for chaos and benefits from it due a member of the CFR if I’m not mistaken. The CFR has been trying to establish a one world govt. (globalist) & founded the U.N. IMF, World Bank and more. Hess their president, recently says the idea of sovereignty needs greatly weakened and has no part in today’s CFR’s globalist plans for a one world govt. as they want to be or implement the new rulers along with a one world currency, They have been trying to do this since WW11 which they played a big role in and all our wars, yet stay out of the limelight due they say “we’re only advisers”, ha. Yes to advise our corrupt govt. to help destroy our constitution, and in 2003 Bush did just that with the 2200 pg. fascist patriot act, just the beginning and bama is no better. Worse, he condones this black lives matter mess as I’ve explained very very briefly the massive powers behind it above, and more below. As BLM is for a carefully crafted reason, in part to stir up the uneducated blacks to keep them on the warpath which helps divide our country in part due scum like Soros who funded BLM, and donates millions to political causes worldwide, long as it benefits chaos, and sometimes used to help those actually in need just to keep his facade up due paying the media to insure certain OF HIS DONATIONS ARE KNOWN WORLDWIDE WHICH HELPS HIS POWER INFRASTRUCTURE KEEP UP IT’S FACADE/RUSE. Media that much of it is owned by the CFR, of being such a nice man.
    In America the blacks are played against one another for reasons stated and many not stated, and it’s a terrible tragedy but unstoppable due evil things like Soros and CFR influence, which is called sedition / treason when you try to destroy your govt. no matter the reason. The CFR has always been for a one world govt. David Rockefeller in 2003 had the gall to say in a public, televised rabid, damning speech said: “I stand guilty as charged ” when questioned about his desire for a one world govt. His father was one of the 3 main founders of CFR in 1921 along with JP Morgan and another ultra-rich international banker. So he’s guilty of sedition like about 10,000 more who spread CFR doctrine, but too powerful to arrest as he is the government in part (CFR) as their the greatest danger to the entire planets approx. 193 nations sovereignty. Therefore BLM is the least of our worries. All this not secrete due the CFR is finally being exposed for what it is, like Rockefellers rabid public speech denouncing the U.S.’s sovereignty and wanting to do away with it in lieu of a one world govt. due so assured he’s immune to arrest, and it seems he is like all 6,000 CFR members, membership by invitation only.
    So hope this wakes up those who still believe in our country, and somewhat explains this one sided BLM crap and why it’s going on.