Au Revoir Leadsom Hello May

LONDON - England - There's no need for more months of protracted Conservative party electioneering. Andrea Leadsom is halting her faulty campaign.



The augurs did not bode well from the beginning, and although Leadsom was a worthy Brexiteer, the underlying forces under Theresa May were far stronger.

There are however fears of a watered down Brexit, as May is the choice of Cameron and Osborne, but this ‘difficult lady’ is maybe what is needed under the challenging circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Could Leadsom have done the job? Probably not, simply borne of the fact that no one really knows who Leadsom is, and she had no real experience within high government.

Britain will soon have its second female PM, an accompaniment to a coming female U.S president, a female German Chancellor, a female IMF head, and a female head of the Federal Reserve. Either things are going very well in the world, or this is reason to believe that we’re all fucked.

Hail Theresa May! You better do a proper Brexit or you’ll have to deal with some very angry people amongst the population including members of the Daily Squib armed with custard pies.