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Remainers Threaten Mutiny About ECHR

LONDON - England - Remainers in the Rishi Sunak Cabinet threaten mutiny if their beloved foreign court, the ECHR is dumped.

One thing that riles EU-centric remainers is the threat of their beloved ECHR, European Court of Human Rights ever being dumped by the UK. The current PM, Rishi Sunak who is desperate to stay in power is proposing to leave the unelected ECHR which has thwarted every opportunity to stop the illegal boats arriving in the UK every day. British National sovereignty is threatened by the foreign court, which rules over and supersedes all UK law.

“Even though we supposedly left the EU, we are still ruled by a foreign political court which ruins and subverts any form of sovereignty that Britain has,” a British citizen revealed on Thursday.

The current Cabinet which is awash with remainers have now threatened to mutiny if Sunak dares to even try to dump the ECHR.

“Even though we live in a supposedly sovereign nation, we do not want the ECHR to be dumped. We want to be ruled and dictated by that foreign court which is politically motivated to work against Britain’s interests,” Jeremy Hunt, a staunch remainer and the man credited with ruining the British economy, said on Thursday.

God forbid, Britain deciding upon its own destiny and controlling its own borders.

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