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We Need Urgency to Thwart Theresa May’s EU Surrender Deal

LONDON - England - Time is running out, as Theresa May moves to push through her EU surrender deal. The PM has moved against Britain and must be ousted.

Theresa May Opts to Stay on Sinking S.S.BRINO Ship

LONDON - England - Amidst the ship BRINO made from cheap cardboard, Captain Theresa May stands steadfast, as the ship fills with freezing water.

Perpetual 48 Hrs For Stage Managed BRINO Deal Never Coming Soon

LONDON - England - It has been another 48 hrs, and another announcement that a Brexit deal is imminent in 48 hrs.

A Clean No Deal Brexit Will Be the Day When Britain...

LONDON - England - The solution to a bad deal Brexit is a clean no deal Brexit, where Britain can hang its head high whilst walking away from an EU that cannot negotiate properly.

Brexit Betrayal: The Conservative Party is Now Viewed as Sinister, Untrustworthy...

LONDON - England - By betraying millions of Brexit voters, the Conservative party will lose the next election in 2020 when those same voters abandon the party due to its dishonest treachery.

Theresa May’s Chequers BRINO Will Doom UK and Conservative Party

LONDON - England - Theresa May's Chequers BRINO plan will not only doom the UK to be a permanent EU vassal state, but the untrusted Conservative party, will be doomed to thirty years in the unelectable political wilderness.

Equality Minister: “Don’t Treat Mrs. May Any Differently to a Man”

LONDON - England - Women want equality? Well, they should know what that really means. No picking and choosing. Theresa May should be treated like a man.

Indoctrinated Anti-Democratic EU NPCs March In London

LONDON - England - Brexit march - LIVE: 'Over 700,000 EU NPCs' and programmers join sixth largest protest in UK this week.

Loser May Melted Like Swiss Cheese Returns From Brussels

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Pathetic Theresa May is a loser with no charisma or bargaining power. Just go and let the real people deal with Brexit.

17,410,742 Leave Voters to Turn Up at Number 10 Downing Street

LONDON - England - Step aside! 17,410,742 leave voters are set to turn up at Number 10 Downing Street to demand democracy is adhered to in Britain and we Leave the EU. All of it.

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