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Can the Tories Be Trusted Ever Again After Trying to Subvert Democracy?

LONDON - England - In a land where democracy has been subverted and destroyed, can anyone ever trust the Tories or any party ever again?

The damage caused by the disastrous tenure of Theresa May’s premiership and the cohorts of Remainer saboteurs to the EU referendum result to leave the EU, resulting in a constitutional crisis where British democracy was mutilated, will haunt the Tories for a very long time.

We now have a very divisive and crowded leadership contest amongst the Conservative party to contend with, and more time wasting, which has been the staple choice of tactic for this ailing party.

The results for the European Elections will conclusively prove that the Tory party has deteriorated under May’s pathetic leadership with a massive win by the Brexit Party expected. Not only did the Tories lose a majority of their former voters, but also their funding.

Boris Johnson it seems has come two years too late. He will certainly bring back a breath of fresh air into the party however his folly of voting for May’s surrender deal on the third push leaves many with a bad taste in their mouths. As Farage puts it “it was like Spartacus voting for slavery”.

Even if the Brexit party wins the European Elections, what does that mean in terms of governance? Nothing much. Unfortunately, the Tories are still in government and their party is made up of 90% Remainers in conjunction with their EU paymasters.

We cannot see any positive action in conducting a proper clean Brexit as was voted by 17.4 million people on June 23, 2016. The British parliament is mostly aligned with the Remain camp, and there is even talk from the Lib Dems and Change UK to flood parliament with even more Remainers to subvert and destroy democracy further.

Every day that goes by is a day wasted, and the Remainer anti-democracy contingent are relishing every moment of their cowardice and treachery. With their pockets overflowing from EU backhanders, the corruption stinks to high heaven.

Even if Boris does get in to Number 10 by some miracle – the Remainer Tory hierarchy will do everything they can to keep him out – he will still find a Remainer brick wall in trying to get a WTO Brexit through parliament.

Democracy died a long time ago in Britain and the feudal lord MPs who seek to destroy Brexit everyday are operating a mission without any opposition whatsoever.

Brexit will not be allowed to happen, because the system is not aligned with the democratic will of the people. Our votes do not count, and the destruction of the EU referendum result is proof positive that democracy is well and truly fucked in the United Kingdom.

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