The duplicitous liar Theresa May started off her speech today by saying she did everything to honour the referendum result from 2016, but never mentioned her most recent movement to bring a vote for a second referendum to parliament.

May claimed to have achieved a lot during her pathetic premiership, when in reality we all know she achieved absolutely nothing.

With her ‘Brexit In Name Only’ deal which was penned with Merkel looking over her shoulder and okayed personally by Michel Barnier before having the gall to present it at Chequers, May was nothing but a treacherous coward who will go down as an even worse PM than Gordon Brown (another unelected implant).

This cantankerous fool even tried to pass the same bill four times in parliament, almost akin to banging one’s head against a brick wall until your brains start seeping through the cracks in the skull.

What kind of destitute moronic person cannot see when they have lost, and it takes waves of people to make you aware that you have nothing left, it was May’s infuriating intransigence which really showed her lack of basic awareness, living in cloud cuckoo land, unable to govern, a loser of losers?

As suspected, David Cameron today admitted he was advising May during the Brexit negotiations. This is no surprise, and the botched mess the country is in now is testament to his input in the lacklustre proceedings.

Theresa May claims she is patriotic, but would willingly sell out her own country to keep herself in Number 10. Her psychotic schizoid personality devoid of any true feeling, only wavering with anger when she was pushed out eventually after much destruction had already taken place.

Take your awful shoes and your treacherous stoop out of Number 10, you have left this country a lot worse off, and it will take a miracle to repair it now.

To hear May’s pathetic whining voice again will give many nightmares, the mere thought of it reminds us of the sound of nails scratching down a blackboard.

Britain today breathed a sigh of relief, this rogue tortuous destructor of democracy finally resigned after months of desperate people in her own party trying to get rid of her before she committed more severe damage.

Will the Conservative party survive May’s destruction? It probably will, but the Tory party is now a very basic shell of itself.

May claimed she loves her country but all her actions are the reverse of that statement, because May betrayed her country and was about to commit further betrayal by presenting parliament with the opportunity for a second referendum.

Compromise? Utter bullshit Mrs May, what you did was complete surrender, and if you had not been stopped today you would have continued on and on with your dastardly plan.

Mr Trump was right in commenting about May’s removal with the words: ‘It is for the good of the country’.

Theresa May will be remembered as a cling on, the kind found on an arse hair which is very hard to get rid of.