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The Deluded Witch is Dead

LONDON - England - Theresa May has finally got the message that she should resign as prime minister of Britain.

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The narcissistic woman who ground the Conservative party to the ground and then some has finally bitten the dust after digging in from wave after wave of attacks to get her out.

“It was like trying to shoot a zombie, the bloody thing would not go down,” one Conservative MP revealed.

Theresa May will go down as the biggest loser in the annals of leadership, a Remainer with not one ounce of will to enact democracy with a Brexit.

“She was not a Conservative but a smelly Trotskyite mushy fart,” another parliamentarian quipped.

May pushed her deluded ‘Brexit In Name Only‘ deal three times, and capitulated to every whim of the EU, practically bending over backwards for the name and reputation of Britain to be muddied by her EU masters.

Theresa May had no belief in Britain, and never fought for the country’s future.

Her breaking voice at the end of her truly saccharin vomitous resignation speech was a cry at the loss of her power and not for any altruistic nonsense she spouted.

There is now some hope for a Brexiteer to take the reins and to get us out of the EU properly plus to clean out the swamp of Remainers like Hammond and all the other EU conspirators. We won’t hold our breath though.

Theresa May Remain Remoaner
Theresa May campaigned strongly for Remain during the EU Referendum – photo – Twitter

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