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Nasty Vindictive Verhofstadt Vows to Veto Brexit

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Vindictive MEP Guy Verhofstadt has vowed to veto the final Brexit deal thus stopping Britain's exit from the EU.

If one person exemplified the EU, it would have to be the nasty piece of vindictive shit, Guy Verhofstadt.

Sneering and spitting his hatred of Britain at every turn, his vile hate of the British Isles is something that will be set in European Union history. The history books of the future will write of this treacherous pustule of rotting puss, as he truly deserves to be remembered.

MEPs are set to finalise Brexit in a final vote on the Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal in the European Parliament at 6pm. Of course, the shister Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt has threatened to veto the bill and stop Britain from leaving the EU.

It would be quite a farce, to have come this far to yet be stumped at the post by this repugnant resentful Belgian thug. Verhofstadt is certainly not a cultured Belgian gentleman à la Poirot, but a fanatical fascistic EU zealot who needs to be locked in a cell away from humanity for a long time.

Please let us leave the EU, to forget we ever saw this uncouth spiteful monster, Verhofstadt, let us erase his horrid sneering ugly face from our memory forever.

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