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Bernie Sanders, America’s Answer to Jeremy Corbyn

SAN DIEGO - USA - Bernie Sanders is the spitting image of Jeremy Corbyn, and then some. Communism has truly arrived as a viable alternative for the 2020 U.S. Elections.

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One is a Marxist who wants to eradicate private property and raise taxes to pay for some impossible communist utopian nightmare with other people’s money, the other wants exactly the same thing. Jeremy Corbyn took the Labour party so far left, there was no distinction between it and the North Korean state’s ideology, and it seems America’s Bernie Sanders wants to do the same.

The Democrat party has already shifted far to the left and surpassed the basic tenets of socialism to embrace Marxist communist ideals with the likes of Ocasio-Cortez who would not be indifferent to joining the Sandinistas or some other crackpot South American Marxist guerilla outfit. The politically correct censorship cancel culture the American socialists have created now resembles something from the dark days of Cold War East Germany and its Stasi interrogations.

“Bernie Sanders wants to give me free housing; free food for life, free cars, free air travel, free health care, free phone calls, free broadband internet, a free university education, open borders and free holidays to Cuba every three months whilst working four-day weeks. Who the hell am I to argue with that?” 21-year-old Emelio Montana, a fast food worker from Los Angeles told the LA Times on Wednesday.

Jeremy Corbyn, during his useless tenure as the Labour leader offered pretty much the same thing, but luckily the British people saw through it and he lost the 2019 general election with the worst results in 80 years.

Bernie Sanders however has a keen following amongst the American youth, who are generally so poorly educated, do not even know what communism is or has done in history. The hundreds of millions of people who have died and been killed at the hands of communists throughout history are an irrelevance to the ‘young, dumb and full of cum’ American youth, weaned on an appetite of reality shows and Kardashian celebrity nonsense for decades.

Peddling his lies to the uneducated, ignorant, puerile youth of America is thus an easy game for Sanders, as he wraps the naive morons around his little commie finger, they follow blindly his every utterance and no doubt will vote for him en masse when it comes to polling day. The American socialist militants love him as well, these unashamed communists are now working day and night to get this communist pied piper into office as soon as possible.

Bernie, a true Antifa hero, is ready to come down hard on anyone who worked hard all their lives to earn something, only to have it all taken away and given to people who have never worked a day in their lives by the communist do-gooders of North America.

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