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Bad Egg Veruca Swinson Finally Flushed Down the Garbage Shoot

LONDON - England - Where is Veruca Swinson after her fateful meting of justice at the General Election?

She wanted it all, and she wanted it now, and if she didn’t get it given to her on a silver platter, she was going to scream.

Unfortunately for the Lib Dem, Jo Swinson, who seemed to shun democracy, when the democratic people spoke, she was summarily dumped in the garbage shoot of political irrelevance, a place where she truly deserved to inhabit.

You see, the people can see a bad egg a mile off, and here was one hell of a smelly egg, who was billing to revoke Article 50 and the vote of 17.4 million voters into the mire.

Goodbye Veruca Swinson, your big wide mouth may be useful in some quarters, as you demanded to become Prime Minister Swinson, but justice and karma has a way of catching up.

Down she goes, into the smelly rubbish shoot, or in other words the House of Lords? Surely not?

As Hugh Grant and Coogan cry into their multimillion pound bank accounts, over the lost election, there is one consolation to many voters, and that is we will never see these horrid bad eggs or their putrid films or series ever again.


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