trump revenge

The Democrats have shot themselves in the foot once again, with another fake witch hunt impeachment leaving a terrible stain on Washington’s corrupt partisan politics.

With the U.S. economy soaring, and the Markets further extending their trajectory upwards, there is a strange discord that is now infecting the Washington swamp.

Although the House of Representatives has passed the Trump impeachment, it is highly unlikely the Republican controlled Senate will.

Once again the Teflon Don, has bypassed his attackers, who just do not accept that he won in 2016 and now has even more support in 2020.

“I was on the border line, but the Trump impeachment made me want to vote for Trump in 2020. It’s not as if Democrat presidents never withheld U.S. aid to get what they wanted in the past. This is how America has operated around the world for centuries and is a known policy tool,” one formerly wavering voter revealed.

As the Trump rallies across the country continue to flourish, the president needs to actually thank the Democrats for strengthening his 2020 electoral position.

“Thank you Democrats, you just gave the Trump vote an extra zing, and more people are joining his voter base every day. Well done, great job!” another Trump supporter revealed.