For too long, Britain has been enslaved by their irreverent arrogant unelected EU masters, who continually told the country what to do, what laws they could make, and how to act.

This terrible situation, where pretty much every facet of our lives in Britain was determined by faceless unelected bureaucrats in the European Union will hopefully end soon, and Britain will once again be able to stand up and make its own rules, something we have done for thousands of years before joining the totalitarian EU state.

We can only feel sorry for the other countries who are stuck in the EU today, and have had their powers eviscerated, their monetary controls taken from them and their ability to govern themselves dictated by Brussels. Many of these countries like Greece, and Italy are at the mercy of their German and French overlords. These countries have been emasculated, castrated of their national pride, and are mere servants to their masters for an eternity of punitive hell.

Once the UK leaves the EU, there will be further forced integration, and more powers will be ceded to Brussels, and the voices of the capitulated former nations engulfed by the EU will be forever silenced.

The EU is an amorphous pseudo-Soviet-Fascist collectivist structure that conquers individual nations through economic means, then strips the assets of each nation, redirecting resources to the EU Commission who as unelected officers, then control their slave nations with meticulous detail. Hitler would have been very proud of how the Reich had risen once again, and without a single shot fired, to achieve more than he could ever have dreamed of.


The EU Army, a definite threat to NATO is already under way, and this German led military force, will force all other EU nations to take orders without question, and to provide cannon fodder for any future war the EU wants to start. Not only will the EU Army bypass NATO, it will be a direct threat to Russia, because this military force will expand east and already borders Russian territory today. One thing is for sure, the Russians will not appreciate such a massive force bulking up on their borders. Whoever makes the first move is not the point, what happens after the first chess piece is moved will be the defining factor, and the reckless arrogant actions of the EU will eventually come back to haunt them.

Britain, will thankfully be out of the EU, we will not be forced to join an EU Army, we will make our own trade deals, and we will be able to determine our own laws away from the EU Soviet Politburo.

Freedom is hard work though, and instead of others telling us what to do, we will have to make our own decisions and think for ourselves. For many parliamentarians, this is a daunting task, because for so long, they have not governed themselves, and only followed orders from Brussels.

Thanks to a decisive electoral mandate, Britain can now move forward, and it will make its own way, although it will still have to deal with the EU, it will not be of it, but separated politically and economically. One can only feel extreme sadness for the other countries in the EU left behind, castrated and committed to a future of slavery to Brussels with no way out.