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“Self Defence is NOT illegal!” Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted

KENOSHA - USA - Justice has been served with the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, who defended himself from BLM thugs who tried to kill him.

Trump Supporter: Civil War in America by August if President Not...

NEW YORK - USA - Millions of Trump supporters are claiming that there could be civil war in America if the real President is not reinstated into office.

Autopsy: George Floyd Died From Fentanyl and Blocked Arteries Not Cop’s...

MINNEAPOLIS - USA - An autopsy on career criminal George Floyd reveals police officer Derek Chauvin was not cause of death.

Bad Egg Veruca Swinson Finally Flushed Down the Garbage Shoot

LONDON - England - Where is Veruca Swinson after her fateful meting of justice at the General Election?

Dead Parliament Turkeys Could Not Postpone Christmas This Time

LONDON - England - The landslide win by Boris and Conservatives is proof that the dead parliament turkeys could not postpone Christmas forever.

Referendum: Cameron Concealing EU Plan to Ban English Common Law and...

LONDON - England - The StrongerIn campaign led by David Cameron are deliberately not telling the public the full extent of what is going to happen when the Gov hands Britain over to Brussels on a platter.

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